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The Third Month of Spring - Putting it all into action

The beginning of April marks the start of the third month of Spring according to the Su Wen classics. This month is called "Pure Light and Cereal Rain" by the ancients, marking it full of activity for new cultivations and new life in general. This year particularly the Spring activity ruptures with energy already from the 1st April, as we not only have the Sun in the sign of Aries but also the New Moon in Aries on that day. As it is an action oriented sign, we are likely to feel that in a definite way.

We need to be aware though of that newly reborn energy beam influencing our physical, emotional and Spiritual selves. All of these aspects of ourselves will receive a surge in energy. We will definitely welcome it at our physical level. For the first time after the Winter, this month, we will feel stronger and more capable to endure more physical exertion.

At the emotional level we might need to bring more awareness and put more Light onto our unconscious emotions. The surge in energy for our unconscious emotions may mean getting into conflicts with others or with self. We may get triggered by people or events in an unstoppable way. If we cannot shine the Light and bring emotions to the consciousness, we may help ourselves with grounding, nature walking and meditation.

The rush of energy will be felt at our Spiritual level too. We will somehow feel "newly born" at the deep level. It will help us engage in our spiritual activities in more "palpable" way. The aspect to be aware of is when we "get on a high horse" and loose contact with the daily reality. As with all things, the right balance is needed.

The most appropriate way of utilising the gush of new energy of April is to put it all into action: implementing your plans made previously, materialising your dreams step by step, coming "outside" and be seen for who you truly are. Be like a child who sees no boundaries to its growth but keeps its innocence and sensitivity towards others.

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