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The First Month of Spring - A Gentle Push to Wake Up

The beginning of February this year has been rather dynamic. Apart from the passage from the element of Water to Wood marking the start of the new season, Spring, there is the concomitance with the start of the Lunar New Year in energetic Water Tiger with the New Moon in dynamic and forward looking Acquarius. Some celebrate Calendora others celebrate Imbolc, where both signify a pivot when the Winter visibly withdraws.

I have just read the last year's update for this month and realised we are having much more of an energetic push than the same time last year. Additionally, at the moment of this passage all of the astrological planets have gone direct. So, not only do we get the push from the Nature ready to sprout but also from the Planets that encourage all movement forward.

Given such combination of energies, I strongly encourage you to make some plans for the next months at least. The energy is moving now, so observe the flows and coincidences and have the courage to follow them. This month is going to be fast, flowing and will bring new events. You may wish to read on the Lunar New Year energy to help you plan the year ahead (

Some of you will welcome it more than others. In either case, it is helpful to feel more light and elastic in our body. Hence, it is time to re-adjust the diet and do a daily dose of stretching and get a daily walk. Diet-wise, we can now include more raw foods, although we still need to balance it with hot meals. An excellent food to eat at this time are sprouts, which correspond energetically to this season. They are raw but not as cooling as salads, for example.

February is an excellent time to start a body detox. Remember that making our bodies strong and healthy is not only dependent on what we consume and supplements we take but equally dependent on what we avoid to eat. This month let's start taking out all alcohol, coffee and processed sugar. My ideal way to do it is gradual withdrawal, one food at the time. This way the body gets time to adjust. If you wish to book an appointment to plan a detox and include detox with acupuncture, contact me.

All the way, be also aware of not overdoing it as we are still only just coming out of the Winter inertia. If you begin to get headaches, blood-shot eyes, strapped tendons (hopefully not), these may be signs you are overdoing it. Stretch yourself in time; Spring is only just beginning and you have more than just one month to do it all.



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