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The first month of Spring - Sprouting into Life

Ancient traditions have a lot in common amongst them. The ancient Chinese as well as Celtics celebrated the beginning of Spring at the beginning of February (4th and the 1st respectively). I like the 1st Feb because it is the first day of the month, so it has the numerological potency. The 4th Feb for ancient Chinese was derived from the lunar calendar and the division of the year into 24 periods and that pointed to 4th Feb precisely.

Either way, these first days of February is the period of passing the threshold from one energetic dimension into another. It is symbolically represented by the melting snow and the first sprouts pushing through it into life. We are moving from darkness to increasing of light; and we are moving from stillness into opening of buds. This is a strong position for us to begin planning our growth for the next yearly cycle and to leave behind what we do not wish to carry forward.

With Mercury planet being in the retrograde cycle until 21st Feb we may face more past issues that come out for being resolved and cleared before we get more clarity on our plans for the the yearly cycle. Further more, Mercury being the Water and Winter element, it is likely to make us feel as if the Winter is never ending.

In reality, it means we need to go over and over our plans, making sure we got the clear sight of where we wish to go. It is an energetic opportunity to make steady plans rather than rushing the process. The going back and forward over our plans will only make them more solid.

So, take a note of what kind of little sprouts, symbolically, spring through in your life at the moment. Take the next few weeks to plan out their development.



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