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Lunar New Year - your health with the energy of the Green Dragon in 2024

On the 10th of February there will be a New Moon that will mark the beginning of the Chinese New Lunar Year, the year of the Green Dragon. The Green is associated with the Wood Element, therefore with the Spring, and all that which this represents. The Dragon itself is associated with the Fire Element.

It will be a truly different year from the past several years as we are moving out of a two year period in the Water Element, and out of a five year period of the Yin energy. It is like flipping a coin, there is a sudden move into a full Yang energy of Wood and Fire elements.

What are all these changes in the energy going to mean for your health? Read on below.


The Green Dragon and your physical health

Even though we have had a year of a peaceful Rabbit in the Water Element, the energies have been pretty active despite that. So, it does not require much imagination to work out that entering into the year of a ferocious creature such as the Dragon and into the very active, rising Yang energy of Wood Element, is going to be very fast and full on. It can be compared to having a new born baby or to having school age kids around the house, all the time. You are going to be kept on your toes.

Wood Element is linked with Spring, with growth, childhood, creativity, overstepping the boundaries in order to find new experiences to learn from. Wood element is associated with Liver and Gallbladder, so these two organs will get an extra energetic support and, beware, could overheat. Hence it will be an excellent year to detox your Liver! It is best to start in early Spring to prepare your body for a busy year ahead. Follow my other blog for a Balanced-6-Week-Detox programme.

Detoxing your body systems all around will help you feel rejuvenated and ready to face a busy year ahead. Wood element is linked to Liver, and Liver detox is key especially if your emotions are hard to keep at bay. After the detox you will find it easier to contain them. It may be a difficult year, in fact, for containing anything, be warned! On the positive side, you will feel more energised and hopeful for the future, despite all.

In the same time, it is the Dragon year, which will add the pressure on your Heart. Be mindful of it and take times off to rest, spend time in Nature and open-air spaces, which will give your Heart the calm it requires. You may also like to join me in weekly live meditations to practice Heartfulness. It will be necessary to take care of your inner peace for maintaining deep sleep at night. Develop regular sleeping habits and rituals to assure adequate amount and sleep quality.

The Green Dragon and your mental health

Getting enough of good sleep will be essential for your mental health this year as your mind, during the day, will be kept occupied with many activities, projects and all unexpected events.

In the Green Dragon year we will have a greater need and capacity to learn new skills and acquire knowledge, start new activities or projects. So, do take advantage of it, be courageous and sign yourself up for a course and learn a new skill or finish a diploma you've dreamed of for a while. The key to success will be to choose well and stick to it! Particularly now, the tendency will be to be swayed by the winds and be unstable and easily distracted in your mind. Therefore, at the beginning of the year, set yourself a plan for attaining your objective. That will help you keep focused and peaceful mind.

The result of choosing too many studies, projects, jobs, etc may lead to mental "overheating" or confusion. So, prune out the actives that are not essential for driving you to your final goal or destination. The Dragon energy will help you eliminate all that is not necessary for you, if you have the mental will to command your mind.

You will need a conscious, concerted effort to will your mind when necessary as the energy of the Green Dragon can also be rather immature and scattered at the same time as being courageous and determined.

The Green Dragon and your spiritual wellbeing

Equally scattered may be your psycho-spiritual wellbeing during the Wood-Fire year, if you are not attentive. It is with no doubt a year marked for change and growth. We will be challenged, in one area of life or another, so being elastic and adaptable will be an essential trait for your wellbeing and personal growth. It will come easier and more helpful to take your life changes with the openness and curiosity of a child.

There are two ways in which to approach changes as explained by Confucius:

On one hand he says:

Instead in all other cases, Confucius says:

Before we all think that it is our inner voice of wisdom that murmurs us to never change, check out that such state is in line with your life realisation, in Chinese Medical terminology Ming Men. If not, Lao Tzu warns:

And where you are heading may not be your Ming Men, realisation of your life purpose.

The change may actually come as an unexpected falling in love! The Dragon energy is capable of inciting a lot of passion in us, however, fuelled by the argumentative and assertive Wood element, we need to be aware of not getting into huge fights whilst being transformed by the fires of passion.

In fact, we will be surrounded by news about conflicts and wars around the world. It is crucial to maintain the innocent vision of the world in peace, despite all.

As Lao Tzu has taught:

On that note, I wish you a peaceful, passionate, fortunate but most of all healthy year of the Green Dragon! (Dragon is a symbol of fortune).



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