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Lunar New Year - improving your health with the energy of Water Tiger

The 1st February marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year and the year of Water Tiger. For me the real new year does not begin until we have completed both the solar cycle and have received the twelve lunar cycles. There is finally a feeling that the old is left behind and the new is beginning.

We are leaving behind the year of real hard work and hardship, which is what the last year of the Ox symbolised. We had to be patient, enduring as the energy was rather "stubborn". To add to this, the Metal element last year could have added rigidity to the general feeling. Health-wise, you might have had on-going "stubborn" problems and had to work hard to keep yourself fit and well.

This year, that might all be different, as you are likely to feel the fast, furious and energetic Tiger's energy fuelled by the regenerating power of Water. Well, at least if you utilise wisely both Tiger and Water energy in the coming year. To help you benefit from this coming year, the followig are my highlights of the areas of health and wellbeing most favoured in the Water Tiger year.

Most of us know what qualities Tiger animals represent: powerful, courageous, strong and leadership. How did the ancient medicine people see and utilised the energy of that animal for health and wellbeing? There ere two main associations with the Tiger energy. One is related to Metal element (and specifically to Lungs, which is the organ of th Metal element). The other association of Tiger is with the first month of a lunar year (Tiger is the first animal in the Chinese zodiac), February. This is also the first month of Spring (according to the ancients), which is associated with the Wood element.

For some, who already know the cycles of Five Elements, would have realised this means Metal is controlling Wood. Tiger's energy ensures that the growth of new beginnings is not excessive or chaotic. But for starters we will feel that rise in energy we have not felt for a couple of years. It is not going to be shooting up but just as the beginning of Spring, encouraging new life. This is coupled by the element of Water, which symbolises conception and rebirth.

Tiger energy is mostly associated with our Lungs and therefore the skin (known as the third lung). We should get a renewed health with regards to those organs. It will be a good year to open the Lungs, breathe new fresh air and do aerobic exercises to get toxins out of the body through sweating. It will be generally a good year for beauty. Any attempts to make our appearances glowing with health will pay off this year (including nails and teeth).

Another important health aspect that will get a massive renewal this coming year will be sexuality. Tiger is a symbol of sexual power and mating. Coupled with the Water element which uncovers deep and intimate energies, it is very likely our deep sexual desires will get a notable renewal this year. It also bodes well for fertility and conception.

We will generally feel stronger in ourselves and feel more able to extend our concentrated efforts to achieve (Water is our willpower) satisfaction of our needs (Tigers only hunt when hungry). But we will not do it totally alone. Although Tiger likes acting on its own, Water element is about community. Our actions and power will be better off if grounded in our identity within the wider community.

Now, not all of us may easily embrace the energy of Tiger, qualities of a leader, predator and an activist. Some people or communities may feel threatened by powerfull people or communities who are behaving predator-like. In such case it would be a good idea to have a good friend who easily embraces such energies or was born in the year of a Tiger. Tigers are symbols of protection and of chasing away the evil. With a Tiger family member or a friend you will be protected. In addition, it will be good to wear amber jewellery. Amber in Chinese is called "soul of the tiger". In traditional Chinese Medicine amber is used, among others, for healthy functioning of the Lungs, sustaining defensive energy (immunity) and conception vessel.

Another protection we all can utilise this year is that of getting in touch with our essence of being, of who we really are, within ourselves and within the community, and derive our drive and will power from that. It will be a good year to spend time near water, such as streams, rivers and the sea; contemplating the power of Water being flexible, adaptable and changeable.

Wishing you all a good Water Tiger Year!


2022 Water Tiger Year


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