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The second month of Spring - Waking Up

Here comes the second month of Spring! The month of insects waking up and the month of the first blossom and tree buds opening

The feeling to this month will be so different to the previous. The waking up of the Nature's energy is beginning to be very palpable. Just like the energy of Spring that has risen from the Earth opening the first flowers and has reached the branches of trees with first buds opening; so are our bodies waking up to the same energy. We may feel that the shoulder tensions held during the Winter months are loosening up. We may feel that our steps are so much lighter. Doing a morning stretching is so advisable in this period as it brings extra satisfying results... getting that Spring energy to flow into our tendons.

This continues to be a good period for planning with planets going forward and New Moon in Pieces adding the imagination. However, we will feel like being much more active this month, especially with Mars going into Gemini today! Just like insects waking up and getting immediately busy, we will also feel the urge to go for long walks or do house or garden Spring cleaning.

That same Spring cleaning is going on inside our bodies, so eat very light and more raw foods than in Winter months. Your body will thank you for it!

So, Nature energy-wise, we have a light, exciting and active month ahead!



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