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The third month of Spring - Pure Light

The third month of Spring is that of "Pure Light and Cereal Rain" I read in the NeiJing SuWen classic. To me, the Pure Light is that innocence and immaculate purity of newly born life. It is in the newly opened, bright white and fresh petals of cherry blossom. That same Pure Light is now being born in each one of us.

So, whatever makes us now feel hopefull and trusting, we need to cherish it like a new being coming to existance; be gentle with it and protect it from being spolit. Be ingenuous and childlike to expand your personal growth.

In the plant world, it is also the month of "Cereal Rain". Whoever tends to a garden or land will be now sowing and planting, and hoping for the rain. The regular rain, like the benediction, sustains plants until they are big and strong enough to hold more water by themselves. So we too need to pray or "dance" our Heavenly benediction for our newly born hopes and plans. You may feel fragile about your new plans. Then ask for guidance and courage until your plans begin to take the first firm steps.

Let's admire and care for all new, pure, innocent life during April month, be it within us or out in the world.



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