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The Second Month of Spring - Creating your vision

March, the second month of Spring according to Su Wen classics, has started a few days ago but it is not palpable equally in all parts of the northern hemisphere. It is actually snowing whilst I am sitting and writing it in Poland. Even in the sunny Italy we still get night frosts. All that makes us feel as if the Winter is not going away and the Spring is still so far away.

First of all, it is not surprising the cold is holding strong in the year of the Water element, which is associated with Winter. Secondly, the apparent delay of Spring is the extra time given to us to prepare some plans.

Whilst it is true that Spring is the most active and life thrusting season of the year, even the Spring has its Yin aspect, it is planning and strategy making. A good plan precedes a fruitful outcome. All the energy is here to help us make plans for the remaining months of the year and further. We are surrounded by the renewed energy; our eyes are waking up from the Winter sleep; we have a fresh outlook on the world and a better capacity to perceive our way forward.

Indisputably, many of us are living through significant life changes right now. The world-scene changes are impacting more and more people in their daily lives. It may be the jobs we do, places we live in or more subtly the atmosphere and the energy we are surrounded by. Therefore, envisioning and planning our way through it is essential for building the future. There is no better month for it than March.

The act of planning itself is nourishing our hopes; it contextualises and concretises our hopes into physical actions. Even envisaging our future concretises our hopes in images and feelings. Let's take some time off to focus on creating some fundamental aims and objectives we wish to strive for.

If the future seems bleak to you and you do not know where to begin creating your vision, it may be a sign of hopelessness and/or a sign of lacking clarity. Acupuncture treatments are a good help in such cases. Most of the acupuncture points for it are related to the Liver and Gallbladder channel, which are associated with Spring. You can utilise herbs too. One of them is the Sweet Violet, which has Liver and Gallbladder affinity. The essencial oil of the Sweet Violet among other improves dry eyes (in diluition). The easiest kitchen-based support for the health of our eyes are green leave vegetabeles, so abundant in Spring.



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