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The second month of Summer - the Heart Way

We have just entered the second month of Summer, according to the Su Wen classics.

This is the month running up towards the Solstice, the peak of Summer energy. In Chinese Medicine the Solstice energetically corresponds to the position of an Emperor. Within our being the Emperor is our Heart which is in charge of our body, soul and Spirit. Just as the Emperor is an emblem of the sovereignty of a country, so is our Heart. Being alive and connected to the Earth and Heaven we are gifted with our own empire to take charge of. The more responsibility we take for our body, soul and Spirit, the more we will feel united and whole.

There is no better month to celebrate our personal sovereignty than this middle month of Summer, although this favourable energy continues on to July. So, take time to listen to the music of your Heart and find your own resonance when dealing with things and people.

Another aspect related to the Heart is the brain. Summer energy is also fuelling our thoughts. Our minds are like intermediaries between the Heavenly resonance and the Earthly constructs. Let's be mindful (or better: heartful) about our thoughts! Where do they come from? Whose voice is it? Do our thoughts resonate with our own hearts?

Do take advantage of Summer's illuminating energy to get more clarity into your life through constructive, concentrated thoughts achieved through contemplation. The classics say: "If there is confusion, there will certainly be death".

So, let's get that sunlight in, all the way to our bones. It will be still useful during Winter days, to nurture our body, soul and Spirit. Nourish your body with red coloured fruits (cherries, strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, peaches) to keep the Heart calm and tranquil in the midsummer night's contemplation.

There is no better time to try out the Hearfulness meditation, connecting with your inner Emperor and Sovereign. Simply sign up at the bottom of my web site in order to receive a zoom link. Meditations run each Monday at 6.30am (CET) in English and each Wednesday at 6.30am (CET) in Italian. Hope it will resonate with you too...



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