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The First Month of Summer - from shade into the Light

The beginning of May marks the entry into the season of Summer, the Fire Element, according to the Su Wen classic. This year, it is a particularly chilly welcome for the Fire Element. The temperatures seems to be behind a bit as it surely doesn't feel summery as yet. This is partly due to Water Tiger year we are in. Both Water Element and Tiger are Yin in nature (considering Tiger is associated with Metal), so Yang excesses are likely to be dampened down this year.

Fire represents, among other, expansion from ourselves towards others, i.e. socialising, mating. So, we may also feel it socially. Although the beginning of Summer definitely brings out our innate need to connect with others, we still kind of wait off with some social engagements. Coming out of the stagnant post-pandemic scenario does not help either. In any case, that's just because we are right at the beginning of the first month of Summer. It will, I promise, get better. We will feel that buzz of getting together soon, it may only be a bit delayed this year.

I have also noticed some of the heat loving plants are growing somehow timidly. So, we are all in it together. Let's flow with that which the Nature dictates. Perhaps it is teaching us some patients.

Another aspect of the Summer is the sunlight reaching its peak (in the second month) and illuminating our Hearts and Souls. With Summer temperatures and the light rising, our whole being absorbs more light. This year we may notice it happening more suddenly rather than gradually, like shifting from shade into light. The mix of Water as the annual element and Fire as the seasonal element will produce the effect of the light reaching and illuminating the Water depths. So, watch out for your own inner "illuminations" that may start already this month. Let the light in and shine on some more darker aspects of your Soul that hold you in and down too much. In other words, with the sunlight coming into its peak, you may experience illuminating thoughts or ideas about yourself (your thoughts, behaviours), your work (smart solutions), your creations (new inspirations and ideas). Holding those ideas and sharing them with the right people or partners will help you expand on them. That would be one example of how to utilise the energy mix of this coming season.

It is good to be aware that although Water Element dampens the Fire of the Summer, we can still utilise that energetic combination to our fertile use. To remind me of that are the little yellow flowers of Buttercup (Ranunculus). I notice they are particularly wide spread this year. Thinking about it, this plant is merging so well together the light of the sunshine with the wet soil it grows in. What can we do to be like a Buttercup? I leave it to your own interpretation. If you feel like sharing it, feel free to leave a comment.



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