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The first month of Summer - Completing the Construction

According to lunar Chinese calendar, yesterday was the beginning of the first month of Summer. "Construction gives way to completion. Summer perfects what Spring had begun." The innocent, simple flowers of Spring are giving way to a spectacle of such kinds as roses and irises. Like a body of a young person who is increasingly aware of its developing physical beauty, those flowers show off their splendour.

The second part of this month represents the Grains Filling up. The first little shapes of grains and fruits are formed. We see the beginning of the material effects of Spring. You may also see the first concretisation of your work that you started off in Spring. The ideas and plans you made with the fresh energy of awakened Spring, are now forming into your reality. If so, this is due to the fact that we live according the same flow and cycles as the Nature does.

This coming month is the month of Hyades (Taurus). That indicates for us humans the best time for "filling up" our senses. The Nature gives us lots of possibilities: looking at the lush green trees and splendid flowers, sensing their complex perfume, hearing the birds in love, tasting the freshness of new season veggies; but most of all touching the Earth, bare foot naturally. Apart from satisfying our sense of touch, it fills up our Soul with the gratefulness of being alive on the Earth.



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