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The second month of Summer - "Grain in the ear"

Yesterday has marked the beginning of the second month of Summer the runner up weeks towards the summer solstice.

The mark of this period is expansion. The days are still expanding into the longest daylight of the year and with that light the plant kindgom is flourishing. The ancient Chinese called this period "Grain in the ear" which signified the fullness grains reach in this period.

Walking in the fields of uncut grass I've realised the grass actually reaches the high of my ears! It is lush green and full of seeds. That implies the green parts of plants are at its peak time for herb harvesting (ideally all the way up to the summer solstice).

Likewise, we are at our peak of energy in this period Being busy and active is as normal as for the grass to grow high We can utilise the many hours of daylight to get into many activities and social past times Our need to expand includes territory, so we long for expanding our horizons and travel to new places.


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