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Summer - learning about Self

This is my first summer energy report after a three month break from monthly updates. The break was due to my engagement in work with children, among other I organised workshops in Five Senses for children. Following that I had a holiday break during which I gathered my inspirations.


It was back in May that we entered the energy of Fire Element and therefore of the Summer, although it is most perceived during the month of July. This is just like the afternoon hours that are hotter than midday itself, so does July feel hotter but the Sun reaches its peak really in June, when the proverbial "Midsummer night's dreams" occur. This Summer Solstice is that part of the year when the Earth has its kind of birthday and we all take part in it and celebrate.

Although the energy in July is over its peak, it is still an equivalent to 1:00pm or 2:00pm time of the day. So, we are still going strong as the day is expanding. This feeling will stay with us until mid August (in the northern hemisphere) when the energy will noticeably change into Late Summer.

Until then, how can we best utilise the everywhere present energy of Summer to build our health and wellbeing?

Spirit Focus: intimacy - through the other I know myself

The Summer's Fire nature makes us more open to other people, to enter into new relationships (even if short-lived) and to socialise more. I wrote about it last year in this blog Relating to others ultimately serves us to grow and evolve. Lee Harris wrote: "As you bring someone new into your life, you get to experience the new you". His words echoed in my understanding of the Fire Element. I thought: it sounds so invigorating as the Fire Element which is about being youthful too. Adding the two together, we could say meeting new people keeps us young or at least makes our Soul feel renewed!

Fire Element is associated with the Heart, which is a physical place in our bodies where we connect with our Higher Selves, our Spirit. Summer time is when we are closest to Heaven, to the Light and experience redemption through the natural beauty that is present all around. Just take time to be conscious of that.

Mind Focus: taking pride in your mind

Summer holidays and relaxed hot afternoons are perfect times to read, study and absorb information. The Fire Element expands our relations and our physical mind too! We read to find new words, to name and to express who we are at Heart. Being able to name things expands our living consciousness.

It is a good idea to start writing a journal now, in Summer time. You are more likely to find the inspiration and words to describe and express your feelings. That in turn will help you understand your inner Self.

Body Focus: taking care of your youthfulness

Fire Element represents young adulthood, youthfulness in other words. It is the green apple before it becomes red and sweet on maturity. In that phase of life the body is still growing and multiplying its cells fast. So it happens that for all of us, younger or older, the Fire season of Summer is the time our cells grow and expand more than in any other season. Therefore, it is a good time to nourish ourselves with foods high in active enzymes, i.e. lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Raw foods are also cooling, so it is aiding us with the summer heat. On the subject of cooling, in excess heat, it is the bitter tasting foods that cool us down, such as: coffee, also chicory coffee (foto below: chicory flower), grapefruit, all chicory leaves, cruciferous veggies, lettuce, cocoa and wine. Nevertheless, it is important to add a lot of water on hot days as bitter tasting foods dry up the body further.

It is time to be active (swimming, walking, cycling, yoga and exercises), to oxygenate the growth of the new cells and build a new body.

This is not to suggest we should become the followers of "youth culture" where only young, perfect and beautiful is valued. One of my favourite writers of our times, Elena Bernabè, writes: "One should have a more intimate relationship with one's symptoms...Take them out to dinner...Consider them secret lovers...and spend a special evening, alone in the company of oneself. (...) To learn to speak its language...the symptom has its own code, it is a dictate of the soul that needs presence, time, trust in life to be able to act in the world, through us."

This is such an explicit and poetic description of how to relate to our bodies, in a heartfelt way. I would suggest we all have such one appointment with our bodies during this summer.

Summer time is also and above all to serve our connection with our Self: whether it is the Body, the Mind or our Spirit. If you find it hard to connect with self, if you simply do not feel at peace, it can be a major block to your health and wellbeing. It may be a sign that you are not benefiting from the surrounding life energy. In such case, you may wish to consider an acupuncture treatment, which has a profound way to reconnect you with the life force.


Body - taking care of your youthfulness
Chicory flower - Summer focus: bitter foods


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