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The third month of summer - creating with the Heavens

Today we enter the third month of Summer according to the Su Wen classic text. It happens to coincide with the legendary astrological event linked to the two stars of the Summer Triangle in the sky, Vega and Altair. The legend talks about prohibited love between two young people, who can meet only once a year, exactly on the seventh day of the seventh month. In Japan it is celebrated as the Star Festival, a day in which your wishes written down and hang on a tree will come true.

There is a lot of symbolism and energetic implications of this day, all pointing to bring us closer to the stars and to the Heavens. In fact, entering the hottest month of the year (not the brightest which was June), the energy is still rising towards Heavens.

Religiously it has been believed that Heavens grant us with good fortune. In traditional medicine, Heavens is the place where our Spirit comes from and through our Spirit we keep that divine connection. In our body it is our Heart that houses our Spirit. Heavens are infinite, so this is the best period to access the Divine Creator's energy and make many things possible. There needs to be a Heart - Heaven alignment to bring on that energy.

The Su Wen classic suggest we choose "the contemplation of the vast landscapes from high vantage point to tune ourselves to the season". It means literally going out into high places in Nature (hills, mountains) or symbolically taking an eagle's eye view contemplation of where some more growth and development is needed within our being. By now in Nature's cycle some substantial growth has already taken place and taking a broad perspective on where you want to take it to complete that growth is now.

The wider the perspective one can take the better. Even staring and contemplating the vastness of the stars and feeling who in that context we are and who we wish to grow into, is likely to bring us new insights and inspiration.

The legendary story of the forbidden lovers is also symbolic to tell us that right now we can open ourselves to a summer affair. Even number 7 is considered a good number for relationships in Chinese tradition, in addition to being spiritual. I would add, even if you have not had intimacy for an entire year, be it with a new or your current partner, try it at least now. It is likely to be very satisfying for the Fire element of the Summer is the element of love and intimacy.



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