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The third month of Summer - Balancing the Yang with the Yin

We are in the third month of Summer, according to the Neijing Suwen. This month includes the period of the Slight Heat (in the first part of the month) and the Great Heat (the second part of the month). Following on from the surging Yang energy in the previous month especially, we reach the peak of Yang this month. It is no longer the heat that rises but the heat that is all encompassing. We are "crushed under the heat". The growth of plants is minimal now and some grains dry out and crush under the heat.

Accordingly, we do not feel the bursts of energy we felt the previous month nor we are wiling to exert our energy. The peak of Yang is actually characterised by stillness. So, we want to rest during the hot afternoons and take a holiday in this period.

The peak of Yang Fire Element is ideal for taking care of all our relationships. It is more natural now to reach out to others, to want to share our time with friends, family or having more intimate time with our partner.

The peak of Yang energy also attracts the opposite, so we feel drawn to places where there is water, to cool down and to absorb more sunlight (directly or indirectly). Like the sea star that maintains the red colour with the sunshine and under the water.

So, who goes to the seaside, river or lakeside this month is balancing the Yang with the Yin.


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