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What Element are you? - Five Element Quiz will help you find out

I present you with a new tool I have created for you. It is the Five Element Quiz!

The aim of the Quiz is to help you familiarise yourselves with the Five Elements of the Classical Chinese Medicine in a more personalised way: by identifying your predominant Element / energy.

Five Elements are five types of energy that create all that is outside of us and inside of our being. Namely, these are: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. As they may sound a little abstract to you, the simplest association to make with these Elements are the seasons of a year. Wood is the energy of Spring, Fire is Summer, Earth is Late Summer (Harvest season), Metal is Autumn and Water is Winter.

So, all of these Elements make up the rhythms in the Nature and also in our body, mind and spirit. One of these Elements will be a dominant energy and the Quiz aims to identify that dominant Element / energy you may have. The predominant energy will be both your strength and also the source of potential imbalances in your body, mind and spirit. Hence, it is important to know.

Although behind the preparation of the Quiz there is 20 years of my experience in Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, it cannot substitute a diagnosis which can only be done in person and is much more thorough.

The aim of the Quiz is to be only a taster of the Five Elements of the Chinese Medicine.

It is free of charge, quick to complete (only 9 questions) and the answer will be sent back to you in an email.

To participate go to the home page of where you will find the entry box to the Quiz. Once you enter your name and email, you will be taken to the start of the Quiz. In order to receive the result you need to answer all 9 questions.



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