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Heartfulness, on-line meditation circle

Hearfulness meditation is one of the simplest and most effective meditations for our psycho-physical health.

Heartfulness is understood as the awareness that comes from the Heart. That awareness stems from the meeting of our Soul and our Spirit right in the seat of our Hearts. That's where our spiritual and earthly powers meet and mingle. In other words, it is in the Heart that we find the connection to our higher selves as well as our earthly life path.

In Chinese Medicine the Heart is the point that connects the Heaven and the Earth. The strength of that axis helps us walk straight, i.e. living upright and honest lives to form our true life power, known as Zheng Qi.

(More on Zheng Qi can be found in my article on immunity according to Classical Chinese Medicine).

Given the importance of staying connected to the Heart-centered awareness, I invite you to join the on-line Heartfulness meditation every Monday at 9.30pm (CET) and every Thursday at 6.30am (CET). Participation is free of charge.

To register, click on the "Register" button which will open the web page.

At the bottom you will find the registration bar.

After registration, each Sunday evening, you will receive a link to join in.

See you at the meditation circle!



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