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September - homecoming

The 7th September marks the beginning of the second month of Autumn according to the Su Wen division into four seasons. However, energetically, dividing the seasons into Five Elements, we are still in Late Summer and the Earth Element season. Depending on the geographical position you live in, Autumn will distintly be felt coming, at some point during this month.

Actually one of the tell tell signs of Autumn coming is the formation of the White Dew in the morning. We have had copious amounts of it even here in Italy since August. The sign of Late Summer is the presence of much higher humidity in the air and the sweet smell of ripe fruits.

September is the month of centering ourselves after flying high during the Summer months. That centering energy was already present in August, however, it is much more sobering now. With the warmth of August temperatures we felt more cuddled and pampered by the Earth energy. Now we are approaching and intertwining more with the oncoming Metal energy of Autumn. And it is that Metal energy which is adding more sobriety.

Apart from the physical "homecoming" after summer holidays, it is the most auspicious time for entering in contact with our inner selves. We are helped by the Earth energy, which is associated with the centrifugal force. In classical Chinese philosophy it is known that the centre holds all the directions, like the axle of a wheel. "Everything has to be organised from the centre if you want to command or exert influence" (Elisabeth Rochat commentary on Su Wen Ch.4).

That means you need to give careful attention to yourself, recognise your needs and address them. Are you feeling well in body, mind and spirit? If not, what is it that is missing in your daily life that could nourish and nurture you better? Ensure you add what is missing to your daily routine during this month and you will feel the strength coming back to you tenfold.

How about the balance between what we give to ourselves and what we give to others? The axle of a wheel holds everything together only if it is strong itself.

Earth Element is associated with sweet taste, which is slowing energy down. Combining it with heaviness of the climatic humidity of Late Summer you may want to actually reduce or cut out sugars and sweets (including dairy) to avoid feeling too sluggish. It applies to any time of the year, but it is felt strongly in Late Summer.

Humidity may contribute to reappearance of skin fungus, or candida. In those who have chronic conditions, flare-ups may occur. In some of you the digestive system may feel more sluggish now for apparently no reason. More so in persons whose predominant energy is Earth Element. If you wish to find out what Element / energy is predominant in you, take a very short Quiz to find out

The key is to avoid humidity producing foods (as mentioned before) and get more movement. The best kind of movement for Earth energy is walking, however, working out the muscles by stretching and free-weight exercises will add to your centrifugal strength.

This month, dedicate time to yourself and you will enjoy the fruits of your work!



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