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The second month of Autumn - Divine Cup

The second month of Autumn: Filling up the Cup.

Within the first month of Autumn, which started on 8th August according to the Su Wen division of seasons, and the beginning of the second month of Autumn, which starts on 7th September, we still have the transition period from the Summer Heat to the Autumn Cold. That transition period is the time of Earth element energy, the harvest time.

We are still under the constellation of The Cup as in August. It is still time to fill our Divine Cups with the things that are JUST RIGHT for us. That includes leaving out, letting go and giving away whatever is not "just" right for us. Whether these are things accumulated, or habits that do us no good, or emotions we got attached to, it is the time to empty that Cup. We might have gone to some excesses over the Summer, so it is time to assess them.

The Divine Cup also symbolises our achievements. It is that annual cycle when we look at the fruits of our work. We assess the processes and methods utilised for arriving at our annual harvest. How much of it has been useful and supporting of our growth and what processes and methods haven't and therefore must go.

Then, fill it up with the new harvest, new knowing. All the new and useful things you have learnt or discovered recently, apply them now into your daily life. Fill up your days with what is nourishing you and that nourishment will leave you satisfied.

Right now we also have a helping hand of the New Moon in Virgo, so things could not be better set for us. Virgo in western astrology is associated with Earth element. So, Virgo accentuates the qualities of the Earth, adds care, attention to detail and devotion to this process. The key is in the detail now.

The 7th September marks the beginning of the Autumn period called White Dew. Between now and the Autumn Equinox we will be entering the period of Metal element, White being an association with Metal element. Depending on the geographical location you are in (Northern hemisphere) it may come sooner or later. The energy in nature will then change more drastically. So, let’s utilise the time of Harvest for giving ourselves some caring attention.



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