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The beginning of Late Summer - Giving and Receiving

Today is such a magical day.

According to Su Wen classical text it marks the beginning of Autumn. The first month, August, covers the period of the End of the Summer Heat. The Yang activity reverses from growing and expanding towards the inward, centralised energy of the Earth.

According to the Western astrology, today is the opening of the Lion's Gate, coincidentally there is the New Moon in Leo with the Sun in Leo. So, there is a lot of self-centred, self-expressive and gathering energy.

The classics refer to this period as being under the constellation of the Cup. It is the Cup of the God ready to be filled up. Indeed, we have commenced our harvest time. The Heat allowed the fruits to mature and develop all the nutrients for us to thrive on.

The harvest is the period of materilising on what we need to prosper. Let's be also generous creating the flow of abundance. Let's be grateful to the Mother Earth for what she provides for us. We truely receive as much as we give and we give as much as we are able to receive. That's the Mother Earth's law of balance.


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