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April - newly found innocence

The month of April is the third month of Spring, according to the ancient classic text of Su Wen. After the Spring awakening and then taking the courageous steps into a new life, we are now awarded with the newly found innocence to rejoice in. Here is how to best flow with the energies of April:

Spirit Focus: recognising the benevolence of the world

Innocence is like a clean sheet of paper on which we can start afresh, having the possibility of creating anything we wish. To be able to recognise and benefit from the energy of innocence, the most important attitute is trust. Imagine the trust of a small child he/she has in his/her parents. The child obtains so much from his/her parents because it totally submits himself/herself into their care.

Being the children of the grand Universe, when we totally trust in our Creator/creative energies, then you and your best interests are taken care of. This is exactly what the energy of this month is about. You must ask, of course, otherwise it may not be possible to provide. Make an innocent request, like a small child would do, believing that the moment you say it the moment it arrives. A child's innocence means it does not have the experience of what it takes to meet her/his request, which makes it more so innocent. The child does not run through the steps and stages of how things come about. It simply asks with an anticipatory excitement of having already received it.

This energy is at peak this month to be lived fully and enjoyed. It is a magic month in that sense. It is a month in which "happy go lucky". This is simply dictated by the Nature around. It is enough to look at the innocence of white blossoms on trees everywhere; to see the newborn springing lambs; to admire the fresh baby green colour of grass and plants. Just for this month imagine that you were born yesterday.

Mind Focus: curious mind is an open mind

Equally, this month it is so much easier for our mental energies to be simple and straighforward. We are capable of uncomplicated, straight to the point, even oversimplified thoughts and thanks to that we can resolve many problems and issues easily.

Whatsmore, the child-like mental energy makes us super curious, our mind is more open to that which is new. We accept differences easily as we want to learn more about the world not yet uncovered.

In fact, we can take advantage of this energy to pick up a new hobby, start a new job or a totally new activity. Our minds are more likely to absorb the new as well, so it is boding well for the study.

Body Focus: your muscle is your limit

Just for this month let yourself of the physical limits as to what your bodies could or should do at a certain age. Although clearly fittness isn't achieved over night, when you see such inspiring examples as a gymnast who is 86 years old and still competing (Johanna Quaas) or a 99 year old dancer (e.g. Shirley Goodman), it appears there is nothing, or hardly nothing, you cannot do with regular practice over time.

Of course, it wouldn't be sensible for anyone to do a headstand without a sufficient preparatory practice beforehand, however, our mental preconceptions about what our bodies can achieve should be totally put aside. Using this Spring lamb's energy and motivation, feel what it is that you would still like to do with your body and get started with your daily practice. Is it dancing you've always wanted to start but had never time for? Is it time to get on your bike (literally)? Is it a half (or full) marathon you've always wanted to complete? Is it a split or a headstand that you would like to work towards? Give yourself a goal this month and you are more likely to achieve it.

In everyday activities and jobs we don't use all of the 600 muscles our bodies are made of, and we only use between 30-60% of our strength. Practicing a sport increases that dramatically making us more physically able and agile.

Diet wise, keep it simple as children do. Make simple combinations but make it exciting! This month is for eating with your eyes more than any other time. So, make it colourful too. Keep the diet "innocent" too with unadulterated, fresh foods, with lots of green and leafy vegetables to stimulate your Liver to dream big.

Some of you may still feel the invasion of a Cold Wind this month and should add warming spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves or ginger to their diet. Keeping warm inside will protect from the external Wind invasion. Others may not be as bothered by the Spring Winds. On the contrary, they may feel the rise in temperature following the Winter and put on a T-shirt. I suggest some Forsythia flower tea for such Spring Heat in the body.

If you are in any doubt as to how your body reacts to the seasonal change and you want to make the most of the energies of April, book yourself for a consultation and treatment by clicking below. I look forward to seeing you soon!



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