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The month to celebrate the Feminine

This period of the year, to me is particularly feminine. The beginning of that period is even marked in Christian religion as the Assumption of Mother Mary. It is the time when the feminine is celebrated as equal to the masculine in the way that passivity and listening are just as important as activity. At the moment that the extreme of Yang (of Summer) has reversed, it is the moment when the energy direction is beginning to go inward, towards our centre. From holidaying and travelling we are returning home.

It is still very active period but the activity is more centred around our home and our bodies (home for our Souls). Hence if we overdo on activities during this period we may get headaches, indigestion, bloating, etc. All signs that we are taking in too much when the body needs something else. It is particularly important now that we give ourselves exactly what we need. It requires of us to turn the listening ear inwards and we will find out exactly what it is we need. It may be about establishing afresh a daily routine, make adjustments to our diet, go back to completing activities that give us satisfaction. It is about treating ourselves the way a good, loving mother would treat her own child.


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