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Autumn - Body, Mind, Spirit clear-out

One starts sensing the arrival of Autumn after 20th September. The first signs are the insects, which feeling the cold nights, march inside the house. Before the leaves start dropping down, as trees withdraw their photosynthetic activity, you yourself may notice the difference in temperature between day and night and may even catch a cold.

This year I have also noticed the arrival of Autumn has brought a great need to clear out my body, my house and my life of what is no longer needed. For Autumn is the season of great preparations for the downtime in Winter. We can utilise this energy for our health and wellbeing if we align with the season's energy.

Body Focus: clearing out your gutters

This month I start from the physical aspects of the seasonal energy. Autumn is associated with Large Intestine (Colon) and Lungs, both being the Metal element in the Five Elements of the Chinese Medicine. The two organs are the mechanics of "out with the impure and in with the clean". Most of what goes through the Colon gets eliminated and most of what is inspired into the Lungs is absorbed into our bodies. When the Lungs struggle to absorb (or accept) we cough it out. When the Colon struggles to eliminate we feel clogged with impurities, which often show on the skin, our third lung.

If you have problems emptying your intestine, you should try waking up at 6am, which is the peak time for Colon activity; get moving around or better do some exercise, drink a glass of warm water and you will ensure emptying of the bowels. If it does not help, you may have an energy block stopping your Intestines from working efficiently. In such case book yourself for an acupuncture session right this month of October, when the Colon's activity is at its best. Click on the contact below to book.

To everyone of you, even who is emptying regularly every day, I suggest to take advantage of the seasonal energy and detox your body. The season of the Metal element resonates best with a heavy metal cleanse and/or a parasite cleanse. It is a good practice to do both at least once a year and I strongly suggest you do it in Autumn. Some examples of effective heavy metal cleanse supplements are alghe, zeolite or tourmaline water. For more information on how to use any of these supplements, please contact me by clicking below.

Sulfur is known to eliminate heavy metals, especially aluminum, and it is found, among other in cruciferous vegetables, allium vegetables (onion, leek and garlic, which are all related to the Metal element), green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds and eggs.

All these vegetables add fibre to your diet which additionally improves intestinal movement. One more essential addition to the healthy intestinal clearing are microorganisms. You can take home made probiotics such as fermented vegetables or fermented diary products or for adding more variety of probiotic strains to your intestines, you may consider supplementing with probiotics.

The Classical Chinese Medicine does not promote colonics for generally healthy persons as these deprive the Colon of good as well as the bad bacteria. It is preferable to save colonics for when one really needs them, analogically to antibiotics, they should be used sparingly.

Mind focus: declutter your thoughts

How often in the recent couple of weeks (since the start of Autumn) have you managed to have your mind clear of thoughts and see the life through a clean lens?

Do you encounter difficulty in falling asleep as your head runs through the chores? Do you wake up at 3am or 5am in the morning and find yourself with the same thoughts you had when were falling asleep? Do you find it hard to focus during the day as your mind repeatedly side tracks from what you are focusing on?

These are some of the signs that you need a mental decluttering.

One of the best way to declutter your mind is through meditation. If you wish to get started join me in a weekly on-line, live-streamed meditations, each Tuesdays at 7.00am CET at the FB page

I look forward to seeing you there!

Spirit focus: devoid your personal space of futile distractions

Clearing your personal space I mean leaving the space for yourself to be in. In another words, pay attention to distractions. A lot is always going on around you and in life in general. Deciding to let lots of it in, by giving it always attention, is your responsibility. The Metal element in this season, is helping you cut out most unnecessary distractions to create space, emptiness, vacuum, void. A vacuum by definition is already devoid of impurities. In such a state it is easier to reflect on what is truly inside of you, and that is the divinity.

So, it is a profound month for self-exploration and connection to the Divine, provided you take time to clear your body, declutter you mind and your personal space beforehand.


Autumn and Metal Element
Autumn Forest, Metal Element


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