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The Third Month of Winter - Rebirth

Although we have already passed the darkest days of the Winter, namely the Winter Solstice, and the days are getting longer rather than shorter now, we are still in full Winter season. The 6th of January has marked the beginning of the third month of Winter, according to the ancient Su Wen text.

Although it may not be the darkest month, it is named by the classics as the coldest month of the year. Temperature wise, this month has the opposite effect to the month following the Summer Solstice when the temperatures increase after the Sun passes its peak. Now, following the Winter Solstice, Sun's lowest point, the temperatures are getting colder and colder. There is little to none Yang to warm the Earth up. The temperatures plummet down as Yin energy continues to dominate in the environment. Some animals which are hibernating have their heart rates slowed down for this period. We are not the hibernating species but we still feel the need to go slow. It will be felt more so this year from mid January when Mercury will go retrograde. Mercury is associated with Water and Winter element as well. So, in addition to things feeling Winter-slow, we will have a sensation that Winter is never going to end. That will only be an impression that will be fading away by the end of the first week of February.

What this month is good for is to ponder on our inner world. Again, Mercury retrograde will help us do so. Considering we have just entered the new solar year and will be entering the new lunar year (Chinese New Year) on the 1st of February, there is a lot to reflect upon. In addition, the new lunar year we are about to enter is going to be the year of Water Tiger. Reflection is a Water element quality when we think about looking at ourselves like in a mirror.

The Water qualities I highlighted in my previous month's update, we can continue to cultivate this month. By that I mean behaving like Water, implementing its energetic qualities in our daily life. We might have done quite a lot of gathering, outpouring and diffusing in the past month whilst celebrating the festive season with our nearest and dearest. Now it may be time to concentrate on other Water qualities such as flowing, being present, compressing the energy and going into the most hidden parts of ourselves.

So, when we examine our reflection and face the most hidden parts of ourselves, we may find both the gems we forgot we had and/or old dusty cobwebbed stuff we forgot we still hide inside. This month is the time to uncover just that what will serve us to achieve our 2022 plans and goals. In addition, us being present will be necessary to feel and assess best the situation we are currently in. Finally, compressing the energy during this month will be essential for starting up full steam when the time is ripe and being able to keep the ambition going all the way until our plans and goals are achieved.

In summary, January is the month of great preparedness of ourselves, our position and our strength in order to wake into a new cycle of life which is about to be birthed.



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