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The third month of Autumn - Breathing Space

According to the Classical text Su Wen, on the 8th of October we enter the third month of Autumn. Right now we are in the midst of what the ancients called the Dew Season. We recognise this more as the Autumn fog. The dynamic of still warm Earth evaporating during the day and colliding with the harsh cold of the autumnal Heavens bring the fog and dew all the way back down to Earth.

That energetic dynamic is so characteristic of this season. The collision of hot and cold; of Yin and Yang. After the Equinox, it is the Yin that is on increase overall but before it becomes dominant in Winter, it clashes with Yang which by nature does not give up easily. Therefore the energy of this season tends to be rather dramatic, in all aspects including social, natural and health related.

We tend to blow hot and cold with people if we are not careful. If we are more conscious we recognised the need for more "breathing space" for us. For example concentrating the social life to the selected ones without filling up all the space with chats and meetings as we did during the summer months.

Our diet is also a mix of hot and cold. Hot soups are prefered during the damp evenings and cold salads during warm days. We go to bed early as the evenings are not inviting to stay outdoors but we rise early as the mornings are still very welcoming and warm.

It is the season of fevers, according to the ancients, we call them seasonal colds. The heat and cold have an impact on our Lungs and the best way to maintain healthy Lung energy in Autumn is to practice the balance between the inspiration and expiration. The length of inspiration should match the length of expiration. It is advisable to drink teas or diffuse essential oils of coniferous trees during that period. It will help eliminate the excess mucus and heat from the Lungs.


Blue Atlas Cedar tree
Coniferous trees help maintain healthy Lungs


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