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The first month of Winter - Moving Slow and Staying Low

According to the Su Wen classic, those of us in the Northern hemisphere are entering the first month of Winter on the 7th Novembre. In more northern parts of our part of the globe the first White Frost has already appeared in the past week. Those more south have noticed the temperatures drop significantly as we have moved into the season of the Water element.

The Sun at this time is said to be "in the tail of the Scorpio". What could be more focused, concentrated and potent than a tail of a Scorpio? That is exactly the energy at the beginning of Novembre. It is especially so after the 4th Novembre New Moon in Scorpio, the influence of which we are still feeling. The drop in temperatures and shorter days, among other, have made us more concentrated in our actions, aiming to engage in and complete only that which is absolutely necessary.

We have started the process of retracting and contracting to preserve our energies for the entire period of Winter. The symbol of Water element in Classical Chinese is associated with a Turtle, which is small but has the hardest physical body known and it lives a very long life. Turtle represents the concentrated strength of our Kidneys. It also depicts the most appropriate way to conduct oneself during the Winter months. So, we go slow, preserving our concentrated essence of Kidneys in order to live a long life.

We also stay low, just as the leaves that have fallen down, the hustle and bustle of our lives has diminished and we take more rests, or at least we should if we want to live a long life. The Winter months are the best months in the year's cycle to recuperate the essences consumed during previous months.

"The Heaven and Earth are no longer communicating" which means there is so much less activity in nature, less growth and less fertility. The Nature is beginning to close down its life force into its seeds and shells. Therefore, diet-wise, we should focus on eating seeds, nuts and other foods that have a shell, including molluschi. That will help strengthen our Kidney essences.


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