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Sweet Violet - Flower Essence

This is a new chapter at DOROTAO: flower essences. Although it is not new to Chinese Medicine. Tuning into plants for their energetic qualities was where it all started. The millennial herbal traditions in Chinese Medicine are based on Taoists' knowledge of plants acquired through deep contemplation and observation of both plants and their effects on a human body, mind and spirit.

I prepare the flower essences following specific indications and tuning myself into these plants to receive their messages. That is why some of my indications for the use of the Sweet Violet Flower Essence may differ to what you may read in other sources.

English Name

Sweet Violet

Chinese Name

Zi Hua Di Ding ("Purple Flower Earth Spike")

Principal Meridians

SP and LU (Tai Yin), LR, HT and KI (Shao Yin),


Sweet, slightly Bitter and slightly Acrid

Indications to take the essence

For who pushes himself/herself to do too much and does not leave space for Higher Self to manifest

For aiding introspection in the process of healing and finding the inner beauty

For moving on with life after having acknowledged own weaknesses

For who wants to initiate a process of introspection if seeing only outside reasons for being unwell

Best avoided

if very depressed or very timid

if pregnant or breastfeeding


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