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Clover, red or white? Three or four leaves? - the plant of equilibrium as well as good fortune

I had known Red Clover (Trifolium pratenseas) as one of the women's herbs for a long time but it wasn't until I tried it that I really appreciated how gentle, tender but effective this plant was.

It is one of the most utilised plants across the globe, cultures and traditions.

It is considered women's herb as it is essentially Yin in nature although it is holding Yin to nourish Yang. It is associated with Bladder and Kidney (Water element) and Lungs and Large Intestine (Metal element). Hence it goes deep to ancor and hold energy (Qi) and essence (Jing) in our body just as it fixes nitrogen into the land. Nitrogen is an element that builds strong roots of any plant.

So, it nourishes body fluids, from vaginal dryness, dry cough, dry skin to brain function and memory. By clearing the fluids it is also diuretic.

As it has a balancing effect on body fluids, it balances hormones, and quenches the menopausal hot flashes. In reality, it aids both female and male hormones. It is particularly useful in peri-menopause phase for women and in early signs of prostate disfunction for men.

Since it clears blood, it clears skin problems, including chronic conditions such as eczema and skin cancers.

As you may have noticed it works on both lymph and blood, which is rare to see in one herb. It is synergetically working with the Yin and Yang liquids of the body.

It is so gentle in detoxing both fluids and blood that I would consider it as the first herb to take in the detox program.

It is even neutral in its temperature, although some say it is slightly cooling due to its Yin nature.

There is a numerical curiosity about this plant. It comes only in two distinct colours, white or red, it is largely presented with three leaves but on rare occasions (apparently one in a thousand) it presents four leaves. Numerological links then are 2, 3 and 4. Two represents Yin and Yang; three represents completion and change; four represents Earth and stability.

So, Clover has it all. The energy of equilibrium, the capacity to change (your fortune perhaps) and gives a grounding and strength to four limbs. Therefore, it can be used in situations that are destabilising, to feel more sustained, supported, calm and at the same time able to change in a balanced way. It is a kind of an energetic rescue remedy.

These are pretty powerful energetics for one tiny, common plant.

Doing a numerological I Ching on 234 number, it comes up as the Lake trigram, which is the Metal element. The plant numbers further confirm its energetic function.

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